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Happy Kitchen - Hamburger

One of the most fun Kracie kits to make!

Katjes Grün-Ohr Bärchen Gummies

The green ear bears you need

Snører Lakris

Stringy licorice candy. Party favourite!

Kick Lakris

Best selling Norwegian licorice

Ferrero Kinder Schoko-Bons

Delicious milky, hazelnut filling


Milk chocolate from Norwegian cows

Hockey Pulver

Ammonium chloride in a puck-shaped box 😳

Caixa de Bombons Sortidos Garoto

A yellow box enchants the eyes

Kit Kat Petit Matcha - Double Berry & Almond

Kit Kat Everyday Luxury!

Cadbury Caramello Koala Share Pack

Perfect for sharing or snacking!

Kit Kat Wasabi

A rare Shizuoka-Kanto Edition of Kit Kat from Japan